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Transform & Uplift The Energy Of Your Home, Business & Lobby With Ultra Modern, Captivatingly Bold, Uniquely Vibrant, High Gloss Fractal Artworks

By AnaraKashna White Transp Home Wall Art Business Wall Art Office Wall Art Lobby Wall Art

The Incredible Power Of Fractals As Art

Nature Fractal.jpeg
Fractal patterns can reduce stress by up to 60%. They're found throughout nature, our bodies, food and architecture. Fractal art brings the rejuvenating power of nature indoors, promoting creativity and positive energy to all who bask in their magnetic Fractal Frequencies.
human fractal.jpeg
Honeycomb Fractal.jpeg

Fractal Art Vibrancy Guarantee

Anara Kashna is a specialist in creating art pieces using the unique Chromaluxe Dye Sublimation printing process. This technique results in high definition detail and a high gloss finish, producing vibrant colors and textures that are sure to satisfy art enthusiasts and collectors. Our 30-day satisfaction guarantee assures customers that they can confidently purchase Anara's artwork and enjoy it for years to come.

Tap Here to view the process. High Gloss Art Example 1 High Gloss Art Example 2 High Gloss Art Example 3 High Gloss Art Example 4

Available Mediums
HD Metal
With Floating Back Frame
Multi Panel HD Metal
Available in 2, 3 & 4 panels
Choose from Box Framed & Custom Framing Options
Easy to change or remove from walls
Choose between 3 different grades of fine art printing paper

All Prints In All Sizes

All Fractal art prints are available in a wide variety of dimensions starting at 12"x8" up to 92"x60" to achieve that perfect fit for any space. Tap the Enter Gallery button within each Collection to select your options. Size Options.png

Exclusively Commissioned

Get personalized and exclusive pieces that are guaranteed to be impressive and unique with my Commissioned Art service. As a specialist in creating large wall and lobby pieces, I have a keen eye for detail and can enhance energy of your space. Whether you need a single statement piece or multiple pieces that complement each other, I'm here help you achieve your vision. To get started, please fill out the contact form below with your inquiry. Large Wall Office Statement Piece Large Wall Lobby Statement Piece

Mix & Match

Anara is thrilled to collaborate with Collectors who want to design mix and match collections that are both inspiring and astonishing. Here are three examples of groupings: 1) Various fractals with identical colors, 2) Identical fractals with different colors, or 3) A creative mix and match theme. Please share your ideas by filling out the form below.

Franchise Business Branding

As someone who specializes in the art industry, I understand how crucial it is to have an appealing brand that can draw and keep customers. That's why I offer a unique Art Collection Service for Business & Franchise Owners. Together, we can create a one-a-kind art collection that truly represents your brand's story and identity. Let's make something exceptional for your business! Please fill out the contact form below with your inquiry to get started.
Luxury Spa

Bulk Order Pricing

Are you interested in purchasing a large number of artworks for your home or business? Our Bulk Order Pricing options allow you to enjoy the stunning beauty and appeal of our artwork at your doorstep. You can get a discount of 10% on orders of 5 prints, 20% off on orders of 10 prints, 30% off on orders of 15 prints, 40% off on orders of 20 prints, and a whopping 50% off on orders of 25 prints and more. Fill out the form below to contact the Artist directly and avail your discount.
Anara Kashna 1.87.jpg
Anara Kashna 1.46.jpg
Anara Kashna 1.38.jpg
Anara Kashna 1.28.jpg

Shipping Options

Fractal Artwork can be shipped for free worldwide when ordered on Poster Roll. All other formats ground ship for free within Continental USA & Canada. Shipping by air is available for an extra fee calculated at check out time.

FREE SHIPPING.png AnaraKashna White Transp



Begin Within Collection Art Gallery Bench

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Art Exhibits & Shows

130 Pieces On Display From May 4th, 5th, & 6th 2024

Art In The City Westend Vancouver BC

438271552_374185698387852_6150066863920079850_n (2).jpg

17 Pieces On Display From August 2023 - February 2024

Centennial Theatre North Vancouver BC Art Exhibit Anara Kashna
AnaraKashna Exhibit.jpeg Art Exhibit Anara Kashna
Anara Kashna Exhibit.jpeg
Anara Kashna Exhibit.jpeg
Anara Kashna Exhibit.jpeg

15 Pieces On Display From July 2023 - Present

Edenvale Retreat & Conference Centre Abbotsford BC

395090333_855339472842921_3094175460660567860_n.jpg Exhibit.png
AnaraKashna exhibit_edited.jpg

Art Unboxing

Prepare to be amazed by the mesmerizing and lively high gloss HD Metal Fractal Artworks brought to life by Anara Kashna! Witness the breathtaking beauty of these creations in the video and feel confident that what you see is exactly what you'll get. Get ready to be blown away along with Anara with her first unboxing!

Gift Exchange

It would be wonderful to witness my art taking form in your surroundings and to learn how it has touched your soul. You can create a video yourself unpacking the artwork, revealing its name, and sharing what it evokes in you. If you permit me to share your video, I will present you with a five-minute transforming video of your new Fractal, accompanied by calming music from Emanate7, enabling you to unwind and take care of yourself at any time, right from your mobile device.

Portals Of Possibilities

Frequency Raising Fractal Events & Retreats

Subscribe to Anara's VIP Newsletter below to receive notifications about her unique Fractal Projected Art Event, Portals Of Possibilities. Each event will showcase one of her 8 collections, featuring 111 projected Fractals that morph & move on the big screen along with captivating music and transformative guided messages.


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Artist Mission

"Raising The Consciousness & Frequency Of The Planet One Wall At A Time." AnaraKashna White Transp Office Wall Home Mural 2 Lobby Mural

About Fractals What is a Fractal?

Fractals are intricate geometric patterns that repeat endlessly and exhibit perfect symmetry. They occur naturally in various forms, such as the design of a flower, the lines of a fern, the shape of a seashell, the structure of a snowflake, or the facets of a crystal or diamond. You might have been captivated by the beauty of these repeating patterns without realizing they were fractals as they are ubiquitous and present within us and all around us as shown below.

Body Fractals

Body Fractal
Body Fractal
Body Fractal
Body Fractal
Body Fractal

Food Fractals

Food Fractal
Food Fractal
Food Fractal
Food Fractal
Food Fractal

Nature Fractals

Nature Fractal
Nature Fractal
Nature Fractal
Nature Fractal
Nature Fractal

Architectural Fractals

Fractal Architecture
Fractal Architecture
Fractal Architecture
Fractal Architecture
Fractal Architecture

Sacred Geometric Fractals

Sacred Geometry Fractal
Sacred Geometry Fractal
Sacred Geometry Fractal
Sacred Geometry Fractal
Sacred Geometry Fractal

About AnaraKashna White Transp Anara Kashna

The moment I discovered Fractals, I was immediately drawn to their enchanting beauty. They share the same captivating allure as sacred geometry, mandalas, crop circles, cymatics, messages in water, and solfeggio frequencies. In my younger years, I used to fantasize about having a room adorned with geometric patterns to enhance and reflect the energy of my meditations. Although I've always been attracted to art with spirals, clean lines, definition, and bold colors, my perfectionism and lack of skill with traditional art mediums made me doubt my ability to become an artist. However, I learned that Fractals are created using digital art software due to the infinite precision and excellence required to produce them, and I was immediately hooked. Buddha Lake Picture
While strolling through the downtown Vancouver area, I was mesmerized by a breathtaking mountain lake artwork displayed in a gallery, which lured me inside. After discovering that it was printed on HD Metal, I realized that it was the absolute perfect medium for my Fractal creations. Its ability to precisely portray my vibrant bold colors would give my art a lifelike appearance, making it an impeccable match for my Fractals.

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Questions & Answers

Question: "I've heard you mention in an interview a great idea you had of wanting to design a meditation room filled with mysteriously perfect crop circle pictures to amplify your meditation energy. I'd like to do that with your Fractals all around my room. What would you suggest?! PS: Did you ever get your room?!"

Anara: "I'm SO excited you want to do this!!! I would suggest the HD Metal prints because they're so lush with alive energy and vibrancy. Order various sizes to activate the most in creativity and style. Go big or go small and everything in between! If you're on a limited budget, simply order Fractals in Poster Roll. Have fun and when you're finished and please do reach out with a picture when it's complete... I may even have a special frequency raising gift for you just for sharing my dream & mission! And to answer your last question, its still on my bucket list and very high up there! I will definitely share when it's accomplished!"


Question: "Why don't you offer limited editions to create more value for Collectors and in turn give yourself an even greater opportunity for clientele and sales?!"


Anara: "I'm dedicated to raising the frequency of the planet through my unique style & brand of Art. I desire that everyone should have access to my work, which is why I've decided to forgo making limitations and make my prints available to everyone. My work will be divided into 8 collections of 111 each as Fractal Portals of Possibilities offering a total of 888 options for collectors and art enthusiasts. That said, if clients wish to have a one of a kind, unique to them Fractal piece, please contact me directly via the form above for your ideas to be commissioned."

Question: "What do you have for an option for someone who absolutely loves your work but has a super limited income?!"

Anara: "I hear you and I've thought of the perfect solution so that I may get as many Fractals on as many walls as possible while still honouring my work. Here goes... Find your favourite Fractal and match it with a frame you already have or can find in a second hand store or online marketplace. Switch the art out of it and replace it with a Fractal "Roll" option printed in one of the 3 styles of printing art paper to best meet your budget."

Question: "I had a hard time finding you from your social media to order some of your work. Cant you make it easier for potential clients to find you?"

Anara: "Thank you for your question. Unfortunately social media algorithms are designed to penalize users who are veering users away from their platforms understandably as they're a business as well. It's for this reason I use social media as a portfolio for my work and creativity. I trust people will find my link in my bio or about section or simply google search my name if they are thirsty enough to want to buy my art. I know I've done it!"

Ready For A Next Level
Fractal Frequency Experience?!

"If you want to find the secrets of the universe, you need to think in terms of energy, frequency & vibration."  ~Nicola Tesla

All artworks on this website are the property of Anara Kashna and are protected under copyright law. Any reproduction or use of these works without permission is strictly prohibited. Purchasing a print does not grant the right to distribute, mutilate, or modify the artwork in any way other than adding a frame. We require that you respect the artist's creative rights and appreciate the beauty of each piece as it was intended.

©2024 Anara Kashna. All Rights Reserved.

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