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Make A Statement By Boosting The Frequency Of Your Space With Mesmerizingly Vibrant & Uniquely Bold High Gloss Fractal Art


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Our Printer uses a special Chromaluxe Dye Sublimation process that is second to none for high gloss, high definition details & durability with our HD Metal & Multi Panel options. The level of vibrant pop you see here and in the Galleries is exactly what you will receive.

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High Gloss Art Example 1
High Gloss Art Example 2
High Gloss Art Example 3
High Gloss Art Example 4


Begin Within Collection

Available in HD Metal, Mural, and Roll with Multi Panel & Box Framing Options

Commissioned Fractal Art

Looking for an ​exclusive one of a kind Fractal Art Piece?
Anara is contracted by clients for personally designed, extra large wall pieces that are sure to impress in that perfect statement area. She is also available for measuring and color consulting with final pictures of the finished product on your exact wall prior to ordering.

Fill in the contact form below with your inquiry to get started.

Large Wall Office Statement Piece
Large Wall Lobby Statement Piece

Fractal Art Events

"A Frequency Raising Experience"

Join Artist Anara Kashna for unique signature Fractal Art Shows where you'll be captivated & mesmerized with her enchanting voice, sharing powerful Fractal messages. Your eyes will hypnotically engage with large morphing Fractal Art projections in this one of a kind presentation that is assured to impress. Subscribe to the Newsletter below to be notified of all upcoming events.

~Coming 2024~

Fractal Art Exhibits

July 2023 - Present

15 pieces on display at

Edenvale Retreat & Conference Centre Abbotsford BC


August 2023 - February 2024

17 pieces on display at

Centennial Theatre North Vancouver BC



SPECIAL OFFER: Anara has purposefully given each piece of artwork a number, leaving the owner to name their Fractal specifically for themselves and what it inspires within them. If you'd like, please share the naming of your displayed piece and the reason why in a video for Anara to post to her social media. In exchange, she'll send you a 5 min private video link to your Fractal in morphing motion accompanied with soothing music for you to play on your TV and infuse your space even further with next level high vibe energy. 
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About Fractals

What is a Fractal?
A Fractal is a repeated and never ending complex pattern of geometric perfection. Fractals are found everywhere, all around us naturally & especially in nature.

Have you ever been mesmerized by the intricate design of a flower or become immersed in the perfection within the the lines of a fern or leaf? A snowflake? Weather patterns? A diamond...?

Every human on the planet has one interest or another in what they may not have known was a Fractal but find themselves instinctively drawn to the beauty of these repeating patterns.

Body Fractals

Body Fractal
Body Fractal
Body Fractal
Body Fractal
Body Fractal

Food Fractals

Food Fractal
Food Fractal
Food Fractal
Food Fractal
Food Fractal

Nature Fractals

Nature Fractal
Nature Fractal
Nature Fractal
Nature Fractal
Nature Fractal

Architectural Fractals

Fractal Architecture
Fractal Architecture
Fractal Architecture
Fractal Architecture
Fractal Architecture

Sacred Geometric Fractals

Sacred Geometry Fractal
Sacred Geometry Fractal
Sacred Geometry Fractal
Sacred Geometry Fractal
Sacred Geometry Fractal


AnaraKashna White Transp.png
Anara Kashna

When I first laid my eyes upon Fractals, I was hooked. They possessed the same magical perfection I see and feel with sacred geometry, mandalas, crop circles, cymatics, messages in water and solfeggio frequencies. In my earlier years I used to dream of having a room covered in geometric patterns to amplify and reciprocate the energy of my meditations.


I've always been attracted to art with spirals, clean lines, definition and bold colors. However, because of my perfectionism and inadequacies with paints and pencils, I lacked confidence of ever becoming an Artist. Eventually I was made aware that Fractals are created with digital art software because of the infinite precision and excellence required to create them. I was all in!

Buddha Lake Picture
One day on my way by a downtown gallery my attention was grabbed with a mountain lake piece that demanded I come in and find out why it was jumping off the canvas at me. I found out it was printed on HD Metal. I knew right then and there that when I was ready to print my Fractal creations, this would absolutely be my medium. I knew my bold vibrant colours would be accurately represented making my art feel almost alive. It was a match made in my Fractal Heaven!

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All Fractal Artworks are the copyright property of Anara Kashna © 2023. None of her works can be distributed, mutilated or modified in any way that would prejudice the reputation of the Artist. Any unauthorized reproduction or commercial use is in violation of copyright law. Purchase of any and all prints do not transfer the copyrights.

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