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"I had been searching for my purpose when one day I heard a story of how the original Shamans would ingest Plant Medicine to deliver the sacred words of transformation to their abstinent group. I got extremely excited when I was given the vision of pairing this scenario with my Fractal Artwork. Allow me to be your Spirit Guide within these Microdose-inspired Fractal Meditation Events that are specifically designed to emulate a psychedelic experience without the psychedelics. I'm so incredibly excited to bring you my greatest fusion of gifts to create a unique set & setting in which to experience tangible personal transformation."
~Anara Kashna


Emulating The Original Shamanic Experience

Each Fractal Bathing Event delivers 111 uniquely morphing Fractals to enchant your eyes, Anara's voice to captivate the mind, tranquil music to soothe your body & shamanic messages to engage your Soul.


A Unique Fusion Of Fractal Art & Inspired Meditation For A Next Level Soul Journey Experience

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Suggested Fractal Meditation Venues
Online, Private Home Gathering, Small Business & Corporate Offices, Theatres, Retreats, Festivals and more!

Retreat & Event Testimonials

"Thanks for the beautiful evening. I was amazed at your intuitive abilities to weave everyone's needs into a story that related to all of us. Everyone enjoyed the meditation. We all felt very relaxed. I loved the visual metaphors e.g. a hummingbird tasting all the different sweet nectars. I loved the candles, drumming, bowl sounds & your soothing, yet passionate voice. I am looking forward to hearing it again on the recording." ~L.T.~ In Home Gathering~


"We really love your voice, its so perfect to meditate to and its so relaxing/soothing." "We really miss it when you don't sing us out of the meditation." "I came because I heard you sing and you do the crystal bowl." "Do you have any CDs for sale?!" ~ From Crystals & Karma Meditation Class~

"This experience has given me a new tool to work with anytime, any place and I don’t need someone to be there such as with massage, reflexology, hypnotherapy. I learned the root cause of my problem in a group session. I loved it, it was a pleasure and I thank you!" ~DT~


"Working with Anara is the most direct way to access what's holding you back. Her methods are thoroughly researched, comprehensive, and EFFECTIVE! I am always able to move forward towards what I want, directly and confidently after a workshop or private session with Anara. She's the queen bee of EFT!" ~AL~


"I came to this workshop with a friend not knowing what to expect but very happy and would return. You are a great facilitator Anara! My sense of smell has come back full force after one workshop with Anara. Now I'm smelling everything pleasant and not so pleasant that I never could before... well thanks for the good smells!" ~BS~


"I learned not to assume that I have everything under control. I liked meeting like minded people and learning a new tool with which to work." ~SC~


"Thank you Anara! I really enjoyed your passion, the movie, and your content. It will empower me by breaking the beliefs that hold me back! Excellent workshop!" ~CO~


"It was amazing watching the pain disappear in such a short time with one of the participants. This will help me in my journey to becoming an energy healer. Very good and thank you for the included lunch." ~J~


"Very good. Very well constructed. Another piece to my puzzle. Keep chasing your passion, it looks good on you!" ~JR~


"Your workshop was very good and meaningful. It was very powerful. I'd like to see this happen every month!" ~MA~


"I enjoyed the very relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. I learned how important breathing correctly is, and that the answers to all our problems are within ourselves! ~D~


"I truly am a Master Manifester! I have now come to realize how powerful I am. The journaling was a great guided experience!" ~TG~


"I learned that I was not alone in my struggle of worthiness. I am subscribing to a new paradigm of power and positive thinking. I loved the group sharing and the clearing tools. Your passion is evident Anara." ~MH~


"This was a growing experience and I am now open to use this for my personal life. I felt this was completely safe and gentle. You are a gentle soul Anara!" ~D~


"My favourite part was the collage and the Master Manifester book. I loved this Master Manifester workshop. Anara has allot to offer; professionally and personally. A true blessing!" ~N~


"This workshop is one of a kind. Anara's energy and belief is contagious. Immediate results and group manifesting power were attained in only 2 days. I learned the importance of honouring what you are feeling, positive or negative, proof of EFT, power of master manifesting, and healthy boundaries." ~RQ~


"I really liked the ending ceremony with the certificates and the way you made it so special and memorable! I learned that I am no use to the world playing small" ~GW~


"I learned to feel better about money and let go of my fear of failing and to look for the lesson when I do." ~NM~


"I will take from this experience an increase in my self confidence, trust and faith. I loved connecting with similar people and making new friends. You are super duper Anara!" ~LR~


"I'm glad to have found a brighter inner light than I thought I had. I loved this experience." ~NM~


"The Master Manifester program has given me an opportunity to deal with and view negativity in a new light. I can now use EFT to tap out these negative thoughts or blockages to my growth and insert new and positive thoughts to promote growth and healing in my life and those around me since thought has a ripple effect. Ah Hah moment for me! The Science of Mind Treatments and Meditations you offered us at the end of each session exposed a new paradigm and way of thinking for me. To be able to observe past and future while floating down the easy, lazy river of the present was enlightening to say the least!" ~MA~


"I have had the privilege to have a few sessions with Anara, and OH MY! Without effort I started changing my behaviour. I was working on my very deeply embedded belief that you need to work hard and long to achieve what you have set your heart to, and after one session I saw a difference. I was taking some time to rest every once in a while. After 2 sessions I was allowing myself to do nothing, without guilt. Quite an improvement for me! Thank you Anara! ~CO~
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