Fractal Meditations

Fractal Meditation Series

~With Soul Gazing Energy Transmissions~

Video Meditations Will Correspond With Future Random Reads Oracle Books

Fractal Soul Portrait with

Personalized Meditation Production

~A Personalized Fractal Art Piece & A Fractal Meditation Video Production~

Have an artistic Fractal expression of your Higher Self paired with a Personalized Guided Meditation!

This $1111 pre-approval based service includes a unique Fractal Soul Portrait in digital format for you to print any way and size you wish. Anara will then take your Soul Fractal and craft it into a hypnotic Fractal video production with a signature Guided Meditation that has been especially written just for you of everything you want to manifest in your life. Anara's captivating voice will then be produced with tranquil music and the final production will be yours to enjoy anytime and anywhere for your neuropathway programming pleasure.

Meditation Testimonials

"Thank you so much for my personalized guided meditation recording. What a great tool it has been in my journey to self improvement. It is a pleasure to listen to these inspirational messages delivered in your soothing voice. As a result one cannot help but be drawn into your positive vibration and become totally immersed in this wonderful process. Thanks again". ~M.J.~


"Thanks for the beautiful evening. I was amazed at your intuitive abilities to weave everyone's needs into a story that related to all of us. Everyone enjoyed the meditation. We all felt very relaxed. I loved the visual metaphors e.g. a hummingbird tasting all the different sweet nectars. I loved the candles, drumming, bowl sounds & your soothing, yet passionate voice. I am looking forward to hearing it again on the recording." 

~L.T.~ In Home Gathering~


"We really love your voice, its so perfect to meditate to and its so relaxing/soothing." "We really miss it when you don't sing us out of the meditation." "I came because I heard you sing and you do the crystal bowl." "Do you have any CDs for sale?!" ~ From Crystals & Karma Meditation Class~

What Else Is Possible?!?

Watch This Miraculous Possibility Unfold In Real Time.

Luke Chan filmed this healing in 1996 at The Medicineless Hospital in China - now closed. It shows a patient's bladder cancer tumor apparently disappearing, as the Zhineng doctors send Qi to resolve the illness.