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Soul Journey Solo Retreats

~Specializing in Individual Plant Medicine Retreats~

Soul Journey Sitting Services Offered In Person & Virtually For

Business Inspiration & Innovation~ Cross Over Companion~ Mental & Emotional Wellness~ Parental Challenges~ PTSD Relief~ Spiritual Connection~ General Personal Development

Its one thing to have limited 'head' knowledge, but when you can experience a complete 'knowing' from deep within the body... this is an absolute Life Game Changer! Soul Journey Retreats utilize the power and presence of Sacred & Plant Medicines to assist the mind AND body to come in direct communication with your Higher Self or Soul... and NO ONE knows you better than your Soul. Some have said "It's like rolling 8 years of Therapy into one 8 hour Soul Journey Session!"
Anara offers Soul Journeys to variety of clients with different needs. Entrepreneurial Inspiration for people who are looking to find their passion and mission, or for Business people looking to take their Business in a different direction or next level. Cross Over Companion lovingly catering to terminal patients who have end of life anxiety and who'd like to make peace with their transition. Mental & emotional wellness for clients suffering with discomforts of daily living. Parents suffering with triggers from their own childhood traumas. People suffering with Post Traumatic Stress Disorders. Persons looking for a Spiritual Connection and all around general Personal Development.
Anara's Soul Journeys are also for those who desire to forgo the 'jungle elements' in exchange for the comforts of creating a Soul Journey Sanctuary in their own home. Hiring Anara as your Guide brings the Soul Journey Sanctuary to you!

Contact Anara directly for your free 30min intake session. Anara offers Soul Journey Retreat Services that can span from as little as 12 hours ($500- $800 sliding scale), up to 12 days, or more depending on your specific needs. Our meet and greet session will be a chance to work together on an individually designed Soul Journey Retreat just for you!

*Note: Soul Medicine Journeys are NOT for people with: heart conditions, bipolar, schizophrenia or

who are on medication for epilepsy or are on heart or any psychiatric medication including SSRIs.

Please note that Virtual Sitting is is only available for the more experienced Journeyers.


Disclaimer: Please note that Anara doesn't supply or help procure Plant Medicines as this is a Sitter Support Service only. Clients are responsible for the purity & safe testing of their medicine prior to their Soul Journey Sessions. Feel free to speak with Anara directly for more information on this matter. Soul Journeys are *NOT for everyone and is the reason Anara offers a free 30 min discussion to responsibly establish if this service is for you.

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"All your answers lay deep within and it's my greatest honour to help you in going inward to access them."
                ~Anara Kashna

Soul Journey Sitter Course

~Coming Soon~

Anara understands that not everyone has the budget these days for a one on one Journey with her and because of this, she will be designing a Responsible Practices Soul Journey Sitter Course. Please sign up to the VIP Newsletter below to be informed of this content as soon as it becomes available.

Soul Journey~ Utilizing sacred plant medicine for deeper exploration

Sanctuary~ Preparing the set & setting for optimal session quality

Holding Space~ Supporting your inward journey of self discovery

Deeper~ Utilizing Plant Medicine to attain a deeper self understanding

Self Discovery~ Understanding the multiple facets of your role this lifetime

Anara's Soul Journey Testimonials:

"Anara is a fantastic sitter for spiritual work using various plant medicines. She has sat for me for a single session and for a couples session with my partner. She was warm, friendly, flexible, professional, compassionate and non-judgmental. I felt safe and cared for and it was great to have someone there while I went through my journey. She brought water and other things I needed as I went through my journey - so helpful. Her couples work was fantastic as well, making sure both parties got an equal chance to speak. She did not impose any ideas - only the ground rules to make a safe journey before hand.

I very highly recommend her services. Worth every penny!" ~SM

Anara: A gifted sitter....respectful & honouring of the sacredness of the medicine and the spiritual setting. I felt nurtured and cared for as she lovingly attended to my needs during the journey. Anara's intuitive readiness, encouragement and reassurance was comforting. Her clarity and guidance helping me formulate my intentions for the journey was invaluable to me. ~AC

"My Soul Journey experience with Anara was life changing. She and the medicine helped with unresolved childhood traumas that led to adult dysfunctions in my relationships. Finally 3 years ago it all came to a head. I tried a variety of healing modalities that only had temporary relief. My first Soul Journey session with Anara started a deep lasting relief from those traumas. Other traumas then unfolded over the next year and a half as well as completing my understanding the facets of the original trauma. Today I have found relief in a reduction of anxiety and random irrationalities that have been greatly reduced. I no longer obsess on things allowing me to work on things as they come up in a rational way. Anara's Soul Journey Session was a pivotal point to address my trauma. In working with Anara I felt trust, purpose, guided, intentional that got me tangible results.I admittedly was anxious going into this process as I was not used to using medicines for therapeutic structure.

This is definitely Anara's calling as she's a natural." ~SY

"Anara exudes a beautiful kind loving compassionate way about her and her approach to the Soul Journeys. I felt supportive healing releasing in a safe and non judgmental environment with her. Anara also has a soothing voice and energy as she supported me with her hand laying on my stomach arm and hand for comfort as I released tears as I let go of some emotions. She took notes in my journal for me to be able to look at later and integrate on. Anara also used some clearing statements near the end of our session that were very beneficial and a good finale to the day." ~MB


"I had first come across certain rituals involving psychedelics in South America, but the context didn't appeal to me. Talking with Anara about her journey, and reading  the book 'The body keeps the score' by Bessel Van Der Kolk, I started to become aware of the history, concept and possibilities of psychedelic-assisted therapy on a one-to-one basis. I had done about 3 years of psychotherapy up to that point, some sessions of hypnotherapy and I felt somewhat stuck with the processing of certain childhood memories & associated trauma. The main gifts I feel Anara gave me with our sessions is the gift of her time, of creating a safe, open space for processing all feelings that needed come up, and her creativity to act as a loving non judgmental guide throughout that process.

I think because of her previous experience with psychedelics and of her personal journey, I felt she was wonderfully attuned to understanding the power of Medicine to give you the experience that you need at a specific point in time, while also helping preparing for the journey, being supportive and guiding you through, and allowing time for integration after. Her gentle presence during the journey helped with reassurance and with moving through some of the more uncomfortable emotions, I really felt that having a guide and a witness on which to lean on during a journey made a huge difference to my ability to trust and fully let the medicine work though me. I felt that Anara really understood some of the darker scripts or stories that the medicine allows us to work through, and her deep trust in my capacity to go through whatever was shown to me during the journey was a strength I often relied on. Lastly, her creativity, openness and willingness to embrace all ideas during the journeys helped to create a space that felt very inclusive, trusting, and true. A sacred space." ~AC

Sacred Medicine Experiences:

Sacred Integrative Resources

Anara Kashna
Dr. Joe Dispenza
Anara Kashna with Dr Bruce Lipton
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"Here's a list of my top recommendations of mentors to like and follow! My life is immeasurably richer from their influence in my life! Google their names and most certainly YouTube them!"


     ~Anara Kashna

“Meditation opens the door between the conscious and subconscious minds. We meditate to enter the operating system of the subconscious, where all of those unwanted habits and behaviours reside, and change them to more productive modes to support us in our lives. Now you are mastering your environment, your body, and time.”

    ~Dr. Joe Dispenza

"A sticky note on the fridge is just a suggestion...

REPETITION is the key to changing your programming."


    ~Dr. Bruce Lipton

"What I am discovering is sitting with your eyes closed for a while is one of the most productive things you can do on the planet. To me, one week of sitting with your eyes closed and observing the thoughts is more effective, impactful, financially rewarding, productive, fulfilling than 10 years at a job that you don't like."

~Kyle Cease

“Do I live my life according to my own deepest truths, or in order to fulfill someone else’s expectations? How much of what I have believed and done is actually my own and how much has been in service to a self-image I originally created in the belief it was necessary to please my parents?”

― Dr. Gabor Maté, When the Body Says No: The Cost of Hidden Stress.”

“Stop looking outside for help. You’re sourced and fuelled and funded by a renewable resource, which is within you. It never runs out. It is your Essence. It’s your life.”

    ~Michael Beckwith

"Just as putting a gender on a being limits in some way the way we think about the being. By putting any kind of label on anything, we limit it."

    ~Dolores Cannon

“Whatever you’re thinking about is literally like planning a future event. When you’re worrying, you are planning. When you’re appreciating, you are planning… What are you planning?”

~Abraham & Esther Hicks

“Everything is energy and that’s all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics.”

~Bashar & Darryl Anka